Why your Kia Rio should undergo regular maintenance

Have you booked your 2018 Kia Rio to a car maintenance service in Australia? If not, then you should know that you are risking your unit to degrade much faster than it should be. You should book a scheduled service online or give a call of inquiry for a Kia Rio service schedule Australia has set for Aussie drivers.


While it is one of the basics to learn about car maintenance, many drivers neglect to do so. Driving does not stop at steering. Before you assume that you know everything that is to do with a car, you should not forget to observe regular Kia Rio service schedule Australia dealerships require you to do so?


Listening to the in-depth details that your dealer told you before purchasing your car is of paramount importance. Not only you would be able to know the car’s cool features and capacity, but you would also know when will be the next Kia Rio service schedule Australia dealerships require you to get. As a driver, you would be informed very well, marking the date for that fateful day or that 15,000 kilometres to take your Kia Rio for a check-up.


Take your Kia Rio to a ‘car doctor’


Like humans, cars do get sick. Depending on the usage and the quality of care it gets, your car can last very long or very short.


For example, if you’re a driver whose motto is ‘ride or die’ or YOLO (You Only Live Once), and you use your Kia Carnival for drag racing even if it is not a racing car, then you’ll have a problem.


Then, if you missed your Kia Carnival service intervals for the second time in a row, your car might be good as dead.


Car service intervals


There are two things to remember when to take your car to the maintenance service. The date of the required car maintenance service and the limit of kilometres your car has capped.


For example, your Kia Rio service interval falls on September 2019 and your limit in kilometres is 15,000. If you reached your kilometre limit before the month of September, take your car to the service centre.


Brisbane-based and well-known car service businesses, like Toowong Kia, open their doors to give the best services your car needs. Their teams are trustworthy enough to leave your road buddy attended to.


Handy mechanics


Efficient mechanics would fix your car up in a matter of hours to a few days, depending on the amount of fixes needed for your car.


However, waiting for the service to be completed will not be in vain, because most car maintenance businesses offer a courtesy bus, waiting areas with high-speed internet, hot and cold drinks, and a good TV for the customers while the mechanics do their job.


After everything is good and done, the head mechanic would tell you to follow the Kia recommended maintenance schedule next time to prolong the life and durability of your car.


After all, it is your good ole’ road buddy.