How to choose the right Industrial Cleaning Service for your Business

The market for industrial sweeping and scrubbing services is rising anywhere in the world. In Australia alone, there have been huge numbers of companies from different industries which hire such services. But, with more companies entering the market, finding the right company that offers high-quality cleaning services is a bit of a challenge.

There are numerous companies out there that would offer cleaning services requiring little to no effort, yet there’s no assurance that all of them can give you and other companies the same quality. Below are some of the factors that you must consider before hiring the cleaning services of your choice.

industrial sweeping and scrubbing

Key Factors to Consider


Training and Experience

It is important that the professional Australian industrial sweeping and scrubbing team assigned to you are well-trained and must be aware of the rules concerning environmental safety and the proper disposal of hazardous substances. They must also uphold a quality standard in their work to ensure that they are giving you excellent service.

Industry Experience

Whilst it might appear that cleaning services are fundamental tasks, there are particular norms across industries that may differ in term of cleaning. A company which is well equipped to clean restaurants may not be good enough for manufacturing firms. So, make sure that you know the company that you are going to hire for the job in order the get the expected results. Check it out at Betta Sweep


Before paying the booking check for your cleaning services, make sure that you have done a little background check on their certifications and legal documents which prove that they are eligible to perform and sell such industrial sweeping and scrubbing services.


Aside from the eligibility certificates, your cleaning provider should be fully insured for the safety and security of your own business. In the event that they break something inside your facility, make sure that they can cover the cost of the damages, if not by their insurance company, by their own cash right from their pocket.

Equipment used and Processes employed

Nowadays, there are more modern machines which utilise alternative cleaning materials to the harsh chemicals most of the cleaning companies used in the past. Make sure that you give impartial consideration to these parts of the cleaning industry. Also, you need to ponder on the processes that they make use of especially in the disposal of hazardous wastes.

Accountability and safety to the environment

Another important thing to look at when shopping for an industrial sweeping and scrubbing company is the way they give importance to the safety of the environment. You must ensure that they are following the national standards set for cleaning products and equipment they use, even if they are buying them locally or from abroad.

Aside from environmental safety, make sure that they are professional enough to handle their client’s records and privacy, and that they must show great work ethics and respect to your staff, property, and internal process whilst doing their jobs.

Availability and Customer service

It is also important that the cleaning company you will be hiring knows the importance of your work schedule. So, make sure that they have a great customer service to answer your enquiries and follow-up calls any time of the day every day. Remember, an industrial sweeping and scrubbing in Australia with a poor customer service isn’t likely the one who will give high-quality service.

Ask for References

In choosing the right company to do the cleaning job for you, remember to look for customer satisfaction feedback online. In this way, you can have an easier time to decide which company to pick. You can find industrial sweeping and scrubbing services online or simply visit Beta Sweep.