Helpful video capturing tools for upgrading your YouTube content

Becoming an official YouTuber offers many perks. It lets you meet video producing hobby, earn cash and even become the next YouTube sensation. But if you’ve been creating YouTube contents for quite a while, you would want to upgrade for better quality videos. Thus, check out quality video production tools at, and know other basic equipment you need for YouTube video production boost.

Make a checklist of these tools to upgrade your YouTube video contents

Starting with a good camera, here are the most essential tools you need for a YouTube video production upgrade:

High-Quality Camera

Of course, the camera is the primary tool you should have to start as a YouTuber. And in upgrading your main tool, you should find specific cameras that offer convenient, efficient and high-quality shots.

For example, buy an action camera for quality travel videos and fast-motion scenes. And if you want to take videography seriously, invest in a DSLR for high quality, convenience and adaptability to surroundings. Also, consider complementing your cameras with products at, for the right lenses and camera control units.

Camera stabilizers

Yes, quality camera and imaging tools available at help you capture the best shots. But you should complement it with camera stabilizers to reduce or cut shaky videos.

Note that shaky videos distract viewers. That’s why you should fit your quality cameras on stabilizers to achieve steady positioning. Some stabilizers would even allow you to move your camera without unnecessary shaking, which helps capture action shots. Check it out at 3D HD Gear

External microphone

Next, find a quality external microphone for your recording device. Usually, built-in microphones of cameras and laptop have poor audio quality. They cannot help you reduce ambient sound or capture sound you need. Thus, know the different types of external microphones today. Also, check the best audio solutions at for best quality soundtracking.

For example, USB microphones are available in headset forms, which are popular for game bloggers and other YouTubers who take shots right in front of their computers. Its noise-cancelling feature is helpful to reduce ambient sound as well.

Lapel microphones are common as well, or tiny wireless microphones that the user can clip on their clothes. This type of microphone would capture the sound, and wirelessly transmit it to the receiver for recording.


Many YouTubers begin without enough lighting equipment in their production. But if you want an upgrade, this is necessary to control the mood of your videos. For example, handy on-camera lighting helps you shoot videos almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. But, umbrella lights are perfect for backdrops, especially for onsite video shoots.

Storage device

Lastly, be sure to carry enough storage for your raw and processed files. Remember that high-quality video and audio files consume up to few GigaBytes (GB) of memory space.

Moreover, choose durable storage devices that don’t get damaged by external factors. This lets you capture all the raw video you need in extreme environments.

Check out for the best storage device video producers trust.

This is the basic list to upgrade your YouTube contents today. Of course, use them with your skills, expertise and creativity for outstanding video uploads.

Visit for other audio and video equipment you need. They also offer other advanced tools, such as the for video broadcasting purposes.